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Unique Girl Dog Name – Sabrina Renee

Sharon Hill | March 30th, 2010

“How did you name your dog?” is one of the first questions I get.  Sabrina Renee actually got her name before I adopted her. I wanted a girl dog name that started with an “S,” I don’t remember why except maybe because my name starts with an “S.” I had thought of “Sophia” and “Sophie” but didn’t feel they were quite the unique dog name that I was looking for.

I called my friend, animal communicator, Cathy Currea, did not tell her my criteria of beginning with “S,” and she immediately came up with the name “Sabrina.” It was perfect. As a child I had read Archie comic books which had the character, Sabrina the Teen Age Witch, and remember thinking to myself that when I had a daughter, I wanted to name her “Sabrina.”

I wanted a middle name also and told my neighbor as we were walking her three pugs. We went through all the names of female celebrities whom we read about in People and Us Weekly magazines, “Lindsay,” “Jessica” and so on. We came up with “Renee,” for Renee Zellweger.

When I looked up the meanings of the names, they were perfect. “Sabrina,” I read somewhere, meant “princess.” “Renee” meant “reborn.”

I was looking for a puppy because my golden retriever, Abby, had passed, at the age of seven, from cancer. I had often called her a “princess” and she had a tiara that she liked to wear.

So Sabrina Renee was a perfect name. Her registered name is “Princess Abby Reborn.”

Above is Sabrina Renee in the back patio on her first day at home. Little did I know when I took this photograph that within three weeks she will have ripped out all of the flowers that she was looking at when this was taken.