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My Spoiled Golden Retriever – Has Fun in Her Costume

Sharon Hill | November 17th, 2010

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When we were in Santa Rosa, Sabrina Renee wanted to show Dexter and his mom what she looked like in her Halloween costume. Dexter loved the bee. He ran around chasing her because he wanted to squeak it. She got tired of him doing it and barked at him so we made him stop.

I ended up sending him a spare bee that I had at home.

My Spoiled Golden Retriever Goes Hiking and Swimming

Sharon Hill | November 14th, 2010

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We are still in Santa Rosa and the weather was so nice this afternoon that the dogs got to go swimming. Sabrina Renee, my spoiled golden retriever, and chocolate lab, Dexter, love to swim. With us on the trip was sheltie, Casey, who does not like to get wet, so he and his mom hiked and waited as the other dogs swam.

Sabrina was very tired after swimming and promptly fell asleep next to me in the back seat of the van when she was done playing.

My Spoiled Golden Retriever Has Fun Chasing a Ball

Sharon Hill | November 13th, 2010

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We are in Santa Rosa which means Sabrina Renee can run and play wither her friend, chocolate lab, Dexter, at the local polo field. As you can see in the video above, she loves to chase a tennis ball, Dexter isn’t as interested. She does get tired and sometimes takes a rest, usually lying on top of the ball so no other dogs can get to it.

There are a number of dogs on the filed at the same time as Sabrina Renee and Dexter. Many are small dogs but they all get along well and the field is so big that they can have room to run by themselves, if they wish. Below is a photo of Happy, the schnauzer, who visits the field a few times a day.

My Spoiled Golden Retriever Plays in a Polo Field

Sharon Hill | October 4th, 2010

My golden retriever, Sabrina Renee, and I finished our weekend trip with a run at the polo field in Santa Rosa. The dogs in the neighborhood are luck to have access to the field when the horses aren’t around.

Sabrina Renee and Dexter played Frisbee and catch with a tennis ball. She loves running and had a great time racing Dexter in the open field.

My Spoiled Golden Retriever Enjoys Her First Parade

Sharon Hill | July 4th, 2010

It’s the Fourth of July and Sabrina Renee and I went to the parade in downtown Martinez. It was her first parade. I didn’t know how well she would do but I thought we’d give it a try.

We arrived early. Some of her friends from daycare would be walking in the parade so we stopped by to see them then took our place on a sidewalk. I sat and she laid down on the sidewalk. It became crowded, but she did very well. Everyone around us was very nice and loved her.

The parade started with a police car and sirens. I was concerned about the noise, but she was okay. Then the mayor and others came in old cars. The noise of the cars bothered her and she got up and was a bit upset but I was able to calm her down.

When her friends came by, their moms all called to her and waved, it was a lot of fun.

We only stayed a short time after they came by. I saw a marching band headed towards us and decided it would be too noisy and left. We walked around downtown then came home and worked on some things for her birthday party.

My Spoiled Golden Retriever Loves the Water

Sharon Hill | June 27th, 2010

It’s about 102 degrees here in Walnut Creek today. Sabrina Renee keeps wanting to go out to play frisbee. So I have let her out to the back patio but instead to frisbee, we’ve been playing with water.

She has her own kiddie pool but she especially like just getting in front of the hose and being sprayed.

Here she is being sprayed at the pool.

When we are done, the water in the pool is used to to water plants in the common area.

My Golden Retriever and I Have a Fun Day in the Park

Sharon Hill | June 9th, 2010

I always like to find different places to walk with Sabrina Renee so today we went down to Civic Park and took the Creek Walk. It starts with a walk across a bridge that goes over the Creek. Sabrina Renee seemed a little hesitant to cross it at first, it is made of wood planks but she sniffed it a bit then went across. She even stopped, sat and looked at the Creek mid-bridge.

She really had a good time on the walk. We saw a huge tree stump and she walked all around it and sniffed it to see what she was all about.

Once we were done with the Creek Walk we walked around the park and Sabrina Renee climbed up on every bench and smiled, like she wanted to be photographed, so I took her picture each time.

When we were done walking in the park Sabrina Renee still wanted to be out so we went to Wags and Whiskers to see her cousin Bodhi.

My Golden Retriever Hosts a Friend

Sharon Hill | June 2nd, 2010

My golden retriever has lots of friends. One of them is Luke, a pit bull lab mix who has survived cancer. He is a sweetheart who lives with three other dogs and is the low man on the totem pole so he really enjoys special attention when he gets it. I invited him over to spend the day with Sabrina Renee, just to play and enjoy some bones. Sabrina Renee is an only “child” so our house has baskets of bones and dog toys and other dogs love to come and check everything out.

For Luke’s day with us, I bought he and Sabrina Renee each a new bone. Funny thing is, while Sabrina Renee  started right in on her bone, Luke didn’t touch his. He waited until Sabrina Renee got distracted then took hers. I guess he like someone else to start his bones. Sabrina Renee just took the other bone and was perfectly happy with it.

Luke later went around to all of the baskets, picking different plush toys and bones to chew on. He had a really good time and Sabrina Renee and I enjoyed watching him enjoy himself. I’m glad she is a generous soul and let him play and eat her things.

I can’t imagine having a house with four dogs, I don’t think I have the time or patience to spend time with all of them and give them the love they need.

A Wonderful Weekend with My Spoiled Golden Retriever

Sharon Hill | May 2nd, 2010

Sabrina Renee and I had a wonderful weekend together.

Yesterday our friend Cathy Currea, who is an animal communicator, held a teleseminar, Introduction to Animal Communication. I have taken her classes before but never one of her teleseminars. I didn’t know if I would like it but I thought it might be fun for Sabrina Renee to be able to hear the class. I listened on speaker phone and Sabrina Renee stopped what she was doing as soon as she heard Cathy’s voice and was relaxed and attentive the whole two hours of the call. It was remarkable. I totally believe that animals understand us and can be connected to us at a soul level. We need to listen and understand them more than we do. Even Oprah says animals can be soulmates and has said she and her late dog Sophie were definitely soul connected.

Today, Sunday, we went downtown and attended a dog event sponsored by Tony LaRussa’s Animal Rescue Foundation. Every year they close a couple of blocks in our shopping plaza and have a dog walk and lots of vendor booths. We went down at 9:30am, even though the event starts at 11am, and there were already lots of people and dogs. Booths went up quickly to accommodate the morning rush.

Sabrina Renee doesn’t always like these events. Last year we got to the street and she backed up, she didn’t want to go. She almost did that today but I encouraged her. Then we found a lot of people there who knew us, a few we haven’t seen in awhile, and she got a lot of adoration and was fine.  I was really proud of how calm she was. Her veterinarian had a booth  and commented on how well she behaved she was today, too.

Around 11:30am, Sabrina Renee headed out. It was getting hot and very, very crowded and after two hours she was tired. We got home and she took a long nap. We played frisbee in the patio later, took a few walks then in the evening we went out to the patio again. She played a little then just laid down to relax.

The photo above is of Sabrina Renee relaxing after a happy weekend. Notice my trees have some well-bitten off branches.