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My Spoiled Golden Retriever Visits Her Veterinarian

Sharon Hill | November 2nd, 2010

Sabrina Renee had to see her veterinarian today so I could see why she was biting and licking her tail. (It’s Election Day so she was wearing her patriotic bandanna.) As it turned out, Dr. Rettig thought she might have gotten bitten by a flea. With the weather being so wet lately, she has seen a lot of dogs coming in with flea trouble. I do use flea control on Sabrina Renee, she isn’t due for a few days, but Dr.Rettig suggested I go ahead and use it now to make sure she is protected.

While we were in the office, we noticed that Sabrina Renee’s photos were on display on the walls.

In this first photo below, she is the third photo in the first row:

In the next photo, she is the first photo in the bottom row:

Sabrina Renee is so photogenic!

The photos were taken by Tonya Perme Photography in June.

My Spoiled Golden Retriever Gets Acupuncture

Sharon Hill | May 12th, 2010

Sabrina Renee has been a little itchy and hyper lately so I took her to see her holistic medicine veterinarian, Dr. Rettig, after she got groomed.

As soon as Sabrina Renee saw her, she got very excited, jumping on her, biting and pulling at her sweater and running around the room. Dr. Rettig saw right away that her tongue was not the the right color and she was running hot. She asked when the itching started and if she had eaten anything different recently. Actually, Sabrina Renee had gotten some different treats when we visited the local dog store. As it turns out, she might have been allergic to one of them.

Dr. Rettig gave her an acupuncture treatment. You can see one of the needles in Sabrina Renee’s ear in the photo above. She also had some needles along her back and legs. Sabrina Renee has never been afraid of needles and gets pretty calm during a treatment. She also got an herbal shot and some herbs. She should be fine in a few days.

My Golden Retriever Visits Her Holistic Veterinarian’s New Office

Sharon Hill | May 8th, 2010

Sabrina Renee’s holistic veterinarian opened a new office recently and we went by for a visit. I like to take Sabrina Renee to the vet’s office just to visit or pick up herbs so she gets to know the people who work there and she can feel comfortable when she goes for an exam. My strategy seems to have worked so far because she loves the people who work in the offices and, of course, they love her.

In the photo above is Sabrina Renee with Dr. Karen Rettig. Before we met her Sabrina Renee was quite hyperactive and was always hot. Her coat would occasionally get dull and she would get itchy. Dr. Rettig has helped Sabrina Renee say balanced and healthy with acupuncture, Chinese herbs, flower essences and food therapy.

The photo below is Sabrina Renee delivering her gift of an orchid plant, with a photo of her on the pot, to veterinary technician, Hillary.

Dr. Rettig is in Lafayette, California. Her business is Alternatives for Animals. As of this post, her website isn’t up yet but you can reach her at