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My Spoiled Golden Retriever Gets Animal Reiki

Sharon Hill | June 17th, 2010

Whenever Sabrina Renee gets a little hyper and out-of-sorts, I call Cathy Currea to schedule a reiki session. She is an animal communicator and animal reiki practitioner.

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing method that uses life energy to heal. It releases the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual imbalances that cause discomfort and disease. Usually reiki is done in person with the reiki practitioner moving the energy with their hands hovering over the body. However Cathy can not only do it in person, she can also do it from a distance.

Sabrina Renee’s session was from a distance. We called Cathy and she talked to Sabrina Renee about anything she wanted to tell me – it was mostly about her upcoming party – then Cathy did a healing session. After the session Sabrina Renee is usually relaxed and quiet and today was no exception. For the next few weeks she will be much more grounded, balanced and well-behaved.

Above is a photo of Cathy performing reiki on Sabrina Renee before her birthday party last year.

My Golden Retriever Visits Her Holistic Veterinarian’s New Office

Sharon Hill | May 8th, 2010

Sabrina Renee’s holistic veterinarian opened a new office recently and we went by for a visit. I like to take Sabrina Renee to the vet’s office just to visit or pick up herbs so she gets to know the people who work there and she can feel comfortable when she goes for an exam. My strategy seems to have worked so far because she loves the people who work in the offices and, of course, they love her.

In the photo above is Sabrina Renee with Dr. Karen Rettig. Before we met her Sabrina Renee was quite hyperactive and was always hot. Her coat would occasionally get dull and she would get itchy. Dr. Rettig has helped Sabrina Renee say balanced and healthy with acupuncture, Chinese herbs, flower essences and food therapy.

The photo below is Sabrina Renee delivering her gift of an orchid plant, with a photo of her on the pot, to veterinary technician, Hillary.

Dr. Rettig is in Lafayette, California. Her business is Alternatives for Animals. As of this post, her website isn’t up yet but you can reach her at

A Wonderful Weekend with My Spoiled Golden Retriever

Sharon Hill | May 2nd, 2010

Sabrina Renee and I had a wonderful weekend together.

Yesterday our friend Cathy Currea, who is an animal communicator, held a teleseminar, Introduction to Animal Communication. I have taken her classes before but never one of her teleseminars. I didn’t know if I would like it but I thought it might be fun for Sabrina Renee to be able to hear the class. I listened on speaker phone and Sabrina Renee stopped what she was doing as soon as she heard Cathy’s voice and was relaxed and attentive the whole two hours of the call. It was remarkable. I totally believe that animals understand us and can be connected to us at a soul level. We need to listen and understand them more than we do. Even Oprah says animals can be soulmates and has said she and her late dog Sophie were definitely soul connected.

Today, Sunday, we went downtown and attended a dog event sponsored by Tony LaRussa’s Animal Rescue Foundation. Every year they close a couple of blocks in our shopping plaza and have a dog walk and lots of vendor booths. We went down at 9:30am, even though the event starts at 11am, and there were already lots of people and dogs. Booths went up quickly to accommodate the morning rush.

Sabrina Renee doesn’t always like these events. Last year we got to the street and she backed up, she didn’t want to go. She almost did that today but I encouraged her. Then we found a lot of people there who knew us, a few we haven’t seen in awhile, and she got a lot of adoration and was fine.  I was really proud of how calm she was. Her veterinarian had a booth  and commented on how well she behaved she was today, too.

Around 11:30am, Sabrina Renee headed out. It was getting hot and very, very crowded and after two hours she was tired. We got home and she took a long nap. We played frisbee in the patio later, took a few walks then in the evening we went out to the patio again. She played a little then just laid down to relax.

The photo above is of Sabrina Renee relaxing after a happy weekend. Notice my trees have some well-bitten off branches.

Someone Found a Golden Retriever. . .

Sharon Hill | April 14th, 2010

The oddest thing happened yesterday. Someone found a golden retriever wandering in the court and left her on my doorstep.

This is what I think happened. I have a neighbor who leaves his garage door open all day as he works in his house and garage. His dog often wanders around outside while he works. Apparently she wandered off when he went into his house and he didn’t even notice.

From what I could tell, someone found the dog in the court, thought she was Sabrina Renee, got her into my front patio, rang my doorbell and left.

I opened the door and the dog ran into my house. What a shock! The golden retriever doesn’t even look like Sabrina Renee, she is darker, larger and older, she looks like the dog in the photo above, but a non-dog person wouldn’t probably even notice.

Luckily Sabrina Renee was at day care because she doesn’t really like this dog.

I grabbed a leash and took the dog right back to her dad.

It was nice of someone to return a dog they thought was mine but it is a little scary that they didn’t stick around to find out if she really was. Had I not been home she could have been alone in a strange place for a long time which can be very stressful for an animal.

More importantly, my neighbor needs to stop leaving his doors open, it puts his dog into a very unsafe situation.

Raincoats for Dogs

Sharon Hill | April 11th, 2010

Another day, another dog coat. Today Sabrina Renee wore a raincoat because it rained off and on. People often laugh when they see her in a raincoat because, being a water dog, she actually loves the rain. But it is so hard to dry her off after she gets wet that I have her wear a coat. Sabrina Renee actually has several raincoats, she likes to walk through ivy so in the rain, in addition to to getting soaking wet, the coats also get muddy. They usually only last one wearing before being washed.

It’s not that easy to find raincoats, or any coats, for large breed dogs. Seems most dog clothes manufacturers think that only small dogs need to be protected from the weather. Hopefully things are changing. I would like to see all sorts of clothes for large breed dogs, especially at Halloween.

Above is a photo of Sabrina Renee in her purple raincoat. Behind her you will see the fence I had custom made a year ago to save the plants and the beautiful, mature, night blooming jasmine from Sabrina Renee’s teeth.

Sabrina Renee Goes to the Vet

Sharon Hill | April 10th, 2010

The weather was surprisingly cool today so I put Sabrina Renee’s coat on her before we went out. I know large, furry dogs don’t really need dog clothes but she is so cute in this coat that I had to put her in it. She is pretty tolerant of coats and her Christmas sweater that has a Christmas tree with lights, but she doesn’t like sweaters. I think she finds them constricting. Some dogs like snug sweaters and t-shirts, one owner told me her dog, a wire-fox terrier felt more secure when she was wearing a t-shirt.

Sabrina Renee and I went out today to visit her veterinarian for her Bordetella vaccine. I’m not real big on a lot of vaccines but since she goes to day care, I make sure she gets this one (also, her day care demands it). She was actually due to get the vaccine a couple of months ago but her vet does not vaccinate when an animal’s immune system may be down and Sabrina Renee was licking excessively when she was due and could have, at that time, had some deficiency according to Eastern medicine.

Easter Favors for Our Dog Neighbors

Sharon Hill | April 3rd, 2010

Sabrina Renee and I made and delivered Easter treat bags for our our neighborhood dogs today.  I bought Easter favor bags from Target and filled them with organic dog cookies, that are wheat, corn and soy free, from Costco. I printed tags that said, “Happy Spring! xoxo, Sabrina Renee”, punched a hole in it, put a ribbon through it and tied it to the bag. The bags came with twist ties but the ties are not safe to have around dogs, they might swallow them.

We had a fun time delivering the bags because some of the dogs were home, Colt, a chocolate lab, Ruby, Timmy and Mona, the pugs, and Robbie, a chihuahua mix who Sabrina Renee also got to chase and play with in the meadow.

Below is a photo of Robbie taken last year at Sabrina Renee’s third birthday party.