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Someone Found a Golden Retriever. . .

Sharon Hill | April 14th, 2010

The oddest thing happened yesterday. Someone found a golden retriever wandering in the court and left her on my doorstep.

This is what I think happened. I have a neighbor who leaves his garage door open all day as he works in his house and garage. His dog often wanders around outside while he works. Apparently she wandered off when he went into his house and he didn’t even notice.

From what I could tell, someone found the dog in the court, thought she was Sabrina Renee, got her into my front patio, rang my doorbell and left.

I opened the door and the dog ran into my house. What a shock! The golden retriever doesn’t even look like Sabrina Renee, she is darker, larger and older, she looks like the dog in the photo above, but a non-dog person wouldn’t probably even notice.

Luckily Sabrina Renee was at day care because she doesn’t really like this dog.

I grabbed a leash and took the dog right back to her dad.

It was nice of someone to return a dog they thought was mine but it is a little scary that they didn’t stick around to find out if she really was. Had I not been home she could have been alone in a strange place for a long time which can be very stressful for an animal.

More importantly, my neighbor needs to stop leaving his doors open, it puts his dog into a very unsafe situation.