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My Spoiled Golden Retriever’s Birthday Invitations

Sharon Hill | June 25th, 2010


Sabrina Renee’s birthday is July 11 so we have been slowly getting ready for her doggie birthday party. We ordered invitations a few weeks ago and mailed them out to her guests this week.

I’ve done all sorts of things for her invitations, mostly ordering especially printed ones from invitation albums from a line of stationery products that I represent. However, last year I thought it would be cute to have her photo on the invitations and I decided to do it again this year.

A few weeks ago I told Sabrina Renee that I wanted to take photos for her invitation and she went out to the patio and posed right away. She knew what I was planning to do! A friend said of  course she would pose, she is a total ham!

I took her photo and went to, tried a her photo on a few different cards and finally settled on “Let’s Party!” I think it suits her perfectly.

How My Golden Retriever Celebrates Spring with Dog Friends

Sharon Hill | April 2nd, 2010

I mentioned in a previous post that I take Sabrina Renee to doggie day care. Since this is Passover and Easter, I decided to bake a cake for the dogs so she could celebrate Spring with her friends. One of her boyfriends is at day care with her on Thursdays, Riley, a black German Shepard. I understand they run, body slam and act crazy there together. So since yesterday was Thursday, it was the perfect day for her to have a cake.

There are some great dog cake recipes available. I use the Applesauce Spice Cake one from the book Doggy Desserts, Homemade Treats for Happy Healthy Dogs by Cheryl Gianfrancesco. I substitute organic oat flour for the whole wheat flour mentioned in the recipe. I never bake with whole wheat flour when I’m making something for dogs. Sabrina Renee sees a holistic veterinarian who once told me the worse things for dogs are wheat, corn, soy and dairy products. The cake does have a cream cheese frosting but there is so little on it that I don’t worry if the dogs get a little.

The cake is pictured above. Not the best decorating job, for sure, but the 20 dogs that were there didn’t seem to mind. (The sugar frosting is removed before the cake is served to the dogs. Sugar is not good for them either.)

Below is a photo of Riley.

Disclosure – link is to the book on If you purchase it I will receive a commission. You may also be able to find the book at your local bookstore.