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Grooming for My Golden Retriever

Sharon Hill | April 6th, 2010

Sabrina Renee went to the dog groomer today. I confess that until November of last year, I bathed her myself.  I had been hesitant because my previous golden hated the groomer’s. We had had a bad experience, I had taken her to a groomer whom, I later discovered, had kept her all day in a kennel that was too small for her. Then, when I went to pick her up, the groomer had about five golden retrievers walking around and asked me, “Which golden is yours?” I was shocked to see that they had trimmed her way beyond what I had requested and my dog was very stressed. I took her home as soon as I could.

So, I had been bathing Sabrina Renee myself but bath time got too crazy. She loves the water and loves being in the tub with the shower running. However, as soon as I bring out the shampoo and start the suds, she jumps out of the tub. In fact, one time I forgot to close the bathroom door, she got out of the tub, ran past me into the hall and started to run all around the house – all wet and soapy. It was quite wild.

I got a referral to a groomer who lets me pick up my dog as soon as she is done. Sabrina Renee gets a little stressed there but she is getting better each time she goes (every 5 weeks).

If you decide to take your golden retriever to a groomer, ask other golden owners and get some referrals.

Above is a photo of Sabrina Renee right after she returned home from the groomer.