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Raincoats for Dogs

Sharon Hill | April 11th, 2010

Another day, another dog coat. Today Sabrina Renee wore a raincoat because it rained off and on. People often laugh when they see her in a raincoat because, being a water dog, she actually loves the rain. But it is so hard to dry her off after she gets wet that I have her wear a coat. Sabrina Renee actually has several raincoats, she likes to walk through ivy so in the rain, in addition to to getting soaking wet, the coats also get muddy. They usually only last one wearing before being washed.

It’s not that easy to find raincoats, or any coats, for large breed dogs. Seems most dog clothes manufacturers think that only small dogs need to be protected from the weather. Hopefully things are changing. I would like to see all sorts of clothes for large breed dogs, especially at Halloween.

Above is a photo of Sabrina Renee in her purple raincoat. Behind her you will see the fence I had custom made a year ago to save the plants and the beautiful, mature, night blooming jasmine from Sabrina Renee’s teeth.