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My Golden Retriever Wins a Raffle Prize

Sharon Hill | May 4th, 2010

I was excited to get a phone call this afternoon telling us that we had won a raffle prize from the Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF) event that Sabrina Renee and I attended on Sunday.

We usually win a prize of some sort. Local merchants donate items that ARF volunteers put together in themed baskets. We won the golf themed one. I don’t play golf but the basket contained all sorts of items that I could use, sunscreen, lip balm, a flashing light for Sabrina Renee to wear at night, along with golf balls, a club cover that looks like a cat, tees and a gift certificate to a golf store. Golf items will go to a golfing friend later this week.

While I was picking up our prize, I walked around the ARF facility. It is quite a compound. They rescue cats and dogs out of shelters in Central California, bring them here to Walnut Creek, get them healthy and ready for new homes and adopt them out. They also have education programs for children so they learn how to treat animals with respect. Many of my neighbors have ARF dogs. I was once a volunteer for the organization and I donate many items to their resale store. I like to support organizations that care for animals and do animal rescue.