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My Spoiled Golden Retriever Gets Acupuncture

Sharon Hill | May 12th, 2010

Sabrina Renee has been a little itchy and hyper lately so I took her to see her holistic medicine veterinarian, Dr. Rettig, after she got groomed.

As soon as Sabrina Renee saw her, she got very excited, jumping on her, biting and pulling at her sweater and running around the room. Dr. Rettig saw right away that her tongue was not the the right color and she was running hot. She asked when the itching started and if she had eaten anything different recently. Actually, Sabrina Renee had gotten some different treats when we visited the local dog store. As it turns out, she might have been allergic to one of them.

Dr. Rettig gave her an acupuncture treatment. You can see one of the needles in Sabrina Renee’s ear in the photo above. She also had some needles along her back and legs. Sabrina Renee has never been afraid of needles and gets pretty calm during a treatment. She also got an herbal shot and some herbs. She should be fine in a few days.