Sunday Walk with My Spoiled Golden Retriver

Sharon Hill | May 30th, 2010

I like to get Sabrina Renee out on weekends for some fun. Today we went down to Civic Center in Pleasant Hill and watched the turtles and the carp in the pond and saw the big fountain in the Square. Sabrina Renee loves adventure and she is happy and excited to be out and have new experiences.

My Golden Retriever Saw These Turtles

As you can see in these photos, Sabrina Renee wears a Halti or Gentle Leader. She pulls and I tried a chest harness, pinch collar and choke chain. I was not able to use any of those well and was concerned that I was hurting her. I went to a Halti last year when we got some one-on-one training and it has worked out the best for us. Sabrina Renee is also wearing her seat belt harness in the photographs. I kept it on her because I wanted to be able to easily grab her if she decided to jump into the pond – she was good – she didn’t.

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