Sabrina Renee Goes to the Vet

Sharon Hill | April 10th, 2010

The weather was surprisingly cool today so I put Sabrina Renee’s coat on her before we went out. I know large, furry dogs don’t really need dog clothes but she is so cute in this coat that I had to put her in it. She is pretty tolerant of coats and her Christmas sweater that has a Christmas tree with lights, but she doesn’t like sweaters. I think she finds them constricting. Some dogs like snug sweaters and t-shirts, one owner told me her dog, a wire-fox terrier felt more secure when she was wearing a t-shirt.

Sabrina Renee and I went out today to visit her veterinarian for her Bordetella vaccine. I’m not real big on a lot of vaccines but since she goes to day care, I make sure she gets this one (also, her day care demands it). She was actually due to get the vaccine a couple of months ago but her vet does not vaccinate when an animal’s immune system may be down and Sabrina Renee was licking excessively when she was due and could have, at that time, had some deficiency according to Eastern medicine.

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