My Spoiled Golden Retriever Gets Her Anal Glands Expressed

Sharon Hill | June 12th, 2010

My golden retriever has a problem expressing her anal glands herself. Do your dogs have this problem?

Today I took Sabrina Renee down to Muller Veterinary Hospital to get her anal glands expressed. She hates getting her rear squeezed but her glands fill up easily and she doesn’t seem able to express them herself unless she scoots on the carpet. Eeek! But she loves visiting the people who work there. Above she is at the check-in desk with Megan and Tiarra.

Sabrina Renee first went to Muller when I adopted her at 7 weeks. Here are some photos of her at 7 weeks at the same check-in desk with Tiarra.

She fell asleep waiting to see the vet.

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