My Spoiled Golden Retriever – Dog Birthday Party

Sharon Hill | July 12th, 2010

Sabrina Renee’s fourth birthday party finally arrived last Saturday, after months of planning. She had eight friends and their parents and all had a fabulous time.

Above is the banner that I had made at, I put her photo in the circle, like on the plates. People thought she had other dogs pose for the banner but it actually comes like that.

The dogs loved all of the treats, of course. The biggest hits at these parties are the Kool Dogz, the ice that I fill with chunks of sausage. I set three of them out.

Below is keeshound, Kobe Bear, giving Sabrina Renee, a chance to enjoy it.

This is Ruby the pug. She seems to have tilted it so she can enjoy it comfortably.

Glory, a mixed breed, got to one of them first.

Lukey, another mixed breed, enjoyed one too.

German shepherd, Tangi, and black lab, Slimmy look forward to this every year.

This is chocolate lab, Colt, stopping to survey the party

Another thing I do is “dunking for dogs.” I put chunks of hot dogs in pans of water and the dogs are supposed to dunk for them. The first year that I did this, I used a deep bucket and Glory was the only dog to stick her head in the water. Now I just use aluminum roasting pans with a little water and toss chunks into them and onto the grass for those who don’t like to stick their faces in water. They lick up the water later.

I wouldn’t try this unless you are really sure the dogs aren’t going to fight. These dogs are always fine with it.

There is one cake for parents and one for dogs. The cake for parents is always the Berry Chantilly from Whole Foods Market in Walnut Creek, people love it. I make the dog cake myself and bake it in a butterfly pan.

Sabrina Renee always gets a lot of great gifts.

This is Prince, a sheltie, one of our neighbors.

German shepherd, Riley, is Sabrina Renee’s doggie day care buddy.

Sammi is a mixed breed who was recently adopted by Riley’s parents. This was her first time at a party, she had a good time and loved all of the treats.

I have the photographer, Tracy Weir, who took all of these photos, take a picture of each family. Here we are posing for our “family portrait.”

The party lasts a few hours and is pretty tiring. Plus it is hot by the time it ends, around 12 noon. Here Sabrina Renee is relaxing after her big party as the rest of us clean up.

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