My Spoiled Golden Retriever Does the Danville Walk

Sharon Hill | May 27th, 2010

I like to take Sabrina Renee to dog events but I am very careful. She doesn’t like dogs she doesn’t know coming up to her face which can easily happen at a public event. I took her tonight to Molly’s Pup-Pur-ee’s Danville walk. It’s an event meant to introduce dog owners to the many fabulous shops in downtown Danville, California.

We went early, about 10 minutes before it started, to avoid the crowd. We picked up a map at Molly’s and went to all of the stores on the list to get our card stamped and pick up dog treats. It was great fun. A couple of dogs got too close to Sabrina Renee which caused her to growl and bark. But she actually did quite well. We visited the stores (below is Sabrina Renee at Presence Gift Shop) in record time then wandered through the various booths in the parking lot and picked up information about local pet vendors.

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