My Spoiled Golden Retriever Window Shops

Sharon Hill | July 18th, 2010

On Sundays, my golden retriever, Sabrina Renee, and I often go for a walk at Broadway Plaza, the shopping area here in Walnut Creek. We do it before the stores open so I can window shop and Sabrina Renee can sniff without worrying about getting in the way of busy shoppers.

Above you see her stopping to look at the fountain in the courtyard. As you can see, I keep her harness on her – if she decides to jump in, I know I can grab her quickly. Fortunately, she has never decided to get in.

One Sunday, a woman who worked at the Brighton store saw us and invited us to return when they opened because they keep dog cookies in the store for visiting canines. We happily returned, of course. Now Sabrina Renee heads to Brighton’s every time we go to the mall. She sits at their door until they come to give her a cookie. She even sits there when they aren’t open. (See photo below.) I have to pull her away. We go back when someone is there to give her a treat.

She discovered that other stores allow dogs in and give them treats also so window shopping has become more like going “trick or treating!”

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