My Golden Retriever Hosts a Friend

Sharon Hill | June 2nd, 2010

My golden retriever has lots of friends. One of them is Luke, a pit bull lab mix who has survived cancer. He is a sweetheart who lives with three other dogs and is the low man on the totem pole so he really enjoys special attention when he gets it. I invited him over to spend the day with Sabrina Renee, just to play and enjoy some bones. Sabrina Renee is an only “child” so our house has baskets of bones and dog toys and other dogs love to come and check everything out.

For Luke’s day with us, I bought he and Sabrina Renee each a new bone. Funny thing is, while Sabrina ReneeĀ  started right in on her bone, Luke didn’t touch his. He waited until Sabrina Renee got distracted then took hers. I guess he like someone else to start his bones. Sabrina Renee just took the other bone and was perfectly happy with it.

Luke later went around to all of the baskets, picking different plush toys and bones to chew on. He had a really good time and Sabrina Renee and I enjoyed watching him enjoy himself. I’m glad she is a generous soul and let him play and eat her things.

I can’t imagine having a house with four dogs, I don’t think I have the time or patience to spend time with all of them and give them the love they need.

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