My Golden Retriever Gets Her Flea Control Application

Sharon Hill | April 26th, 2010

The mornings that Sabrina Renee goes to doggie day care can be a little hectic. Although she loves going, she likes to run around and hide and be slow to behave.

The first thing we do in the morning is clean the sleep out of her eyes and wipe her face with a clean damp cloth. She likes having a clean face.

Today I also had to put flea control on her. With twenty or so dogs playing at day care, it’s important that she get the protection she needs. I like to space out her flea control and heartworm medication. Her vet suggests they be given at least one week apart so she doesn’t have all of the medications at the same time.

While I was putting the flea control on her, she decided to lie down and rub her face on the ground. As a result, the medicine was not in one spot, as the instructions said, but hopefully it will be fine.

Above is a photo me cleaning her face with her favorite Easter egg washcloth. I call cleaning her face the “sushi face wash” because it reminds me of the washcloths you get to clean your hands at a sushi restaurant.

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