My Golden Retriever and I Have a Fun Day in the Park

Sharon Hill | June 9th, 2010

I always like to find different places to walk with Sabrina Renee so today we went down to Civic Park and took the Creek Walk. It starts with a walk across a bridge that goes over the Creek. Sabrina Renee seemed a little hesitant to cross it at first, it is made of wood planks but she sniffed it a bit then went across. She even stopped, sat and looked at the Creek mid-bridge.

She really had a good time on the walk. We saw a huge tree stump and she walked all around it and sniffed it to see what she was all about.

Once we were done with the Creek Walk we walked around the park and Sabrina Renee climbed up on every bench and smiled, like she wanted to be photographed, so I took her picture each time.

When we were done walking in the park Sabrina Renee still wanted to be out so we went to Wags and Whiskers to see her cousin Bodhi.

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