Hello Golden Retriever Lover!

Sharon Hill | March 27th, 2010

My golden retriever has a great life, at least everyone who knows us thinks she does and I think she does too. I spoil her, organic dog food, acupuncture, reiki, fancy collars, themed birthday parties and doggie day care three days a week, among other things. Friends told me to blog about our life together so that is what I’m doing.

First off, an introduction. Sabrina Renee is a light female golden retriever, born July 11, 2006. She is loving, playful, fun, a great companion and a soul mate. But we have had our trials. She showed some aggression after her first distemper shot, she was super hyper-active, seemed to be hot all of the time and had food allergies. On top of that, she was almost three years old before we were able to walk well together, even after many, many training classes.

I’m going to share the good and the not so good for your amusement.

Above is a photo of me holding Sabrina Renee in the car going home for the first time on August 30, 2006, she was 7 weeks old.

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