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My Golden Retriever and Her Favorite Dog Toy

Sharon Hill | April 18th, 2010

Golden retrievers like to retrieve, I guess that is why Sabrina Renee’s favorite toy is a pink and green floppy disc. She is really, really good at catching it, I’m truly amazed. I think she likes the running part the best. She isn’t always keen on giving up the disc so I can throw it back to her. She likes to scrape it along the ground or drop it at my feet. I guess I should have taught her to hand it back to me but I haven’t figured out how to do that yet. It’s not really something they teach in dog training.

In the photo above, she had just gotten the disc and lay down for a rest. I couldn’t get her to let go of it!

My Golden Retriever Has Easter Dinner with Friends

Sharon Hill | April 4th, 2010

Happy Easter and Happy Spring!

Sabrina Renee and I were invited over to a friend’s for Easter dinner. Sabrina Renee got dressed in her Easter egg decorated dog collar and Easter egg dog bandanna for the occasion. She had a chance to play with her old friend, Glory, an all-American mutt who is almost seven years old. They had a great time playing together and with a 14-week old Australian Shepherd, Ollie.

Glory has two human brothers, one is 3 days older than Sabrina Renee and the other is just over a year old. I’m always pleased at how well Sabrina Renee plays with young children. When she was very young, she had a sitter who would stay at our house with her baby when I was out-of-town. She taught Sabrina Renee to be gentle with babies, no pushing, nipping or chasing. So while she does all of those things while playing with dogs, she has been trained to be gentle with children. Everyone commented about how sweet she is.