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My Spoiled Golden Retriever Gets Homeopathic Care

Sharon Hill | November 10th, 2010

My spoiled golden retriever, Sabrina Renee, has been having trouble with her anal glands for quite some time. She has had to get them expressed every other week, which isn’t good. She should be able to express them herself. I’ve tried all sorts of different foods and herbs but have not yet been successful.

When Sabrina Renee was a puppy, I had worked with a veterinarian who used a homeopathic remedy on her. She had had a personality change after a distemper vaccine and my animal communicator had referred me to someone. The remedy worked really well and it was simple. After a few days, she had become her sweet self.

With the success of that treatment being in my mind, I decided to work with homeopathy again. I went to a few presentations that Beth Murray did at Sabrina Renee’s vet’s office and scheduled an appointment.

Beth first sat with Sabrina Renee to observe her and talked to me about Sabrina Renee’s life. It was so interesting that the issues regarding her anal glands are directly related to her need to merge with every person she meets. This is a trait she has had since she was a puppy which probably was the result of having trouble merging with me, since I was still grieving my previous golden.

We got a remedy to try along with some flower essences which will help her relax and release the need to merge with everyone. We’ll see Beth again next month and discuss Sabrina Renee’s progress.

To find out more about homeopathy, visit Beth’s website.