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Happy Halloween, from My Spoiled Golden Retriever!

Sharon Hill | October 31st, 2010

Sabrina Renee doesn’t mind wearing a costume on Halloween, she likes the attention she gets when she dresses up. I had already bought her a Halloween costume when I spotted this pink flower one and decided to try it on her. She smiled and wagged her tail as soon as she put it on and I knew instantly it was the one she wanted to have.

The pink petals framed her face perfectly. The green bodysuit was pretty easy to get on her. I added the bumble bee, it’s actually a squeaky toy from her Hide-a-Bee toy.

I took Sabrina Renee to Dog Bone Alley, where we got the costume, and she showed them how happy she was that she got a cute outfit.

Then we came home and went to see the pumpkins that her friend, Colt, the chocolate lab, has at his house. She ended up playing with him. . .

and getting treats from his mom. She wasn’t much interested in seeing their great pumpkins.

We also went to the neighborhood Halloween parade before coming home and playing in our yard.

My Spoiled Golden Retriever – Halloween Treats for Dogs

Sharon Hill | October 28th, 2010

Sabrina Renee likes to bring treats to her friends at doggie day care during the holidays. So I took out her trick-or-treat bag, that I got years ago at an online children’s store, and filled it with bags of dog treats for her friends.

The bags were from Walmart and they were filled with Wet Nose dog treats which are organic and don’t contain wheat, corn or soy. You can actually find them in bulk if you shop at the Costco Warehouse store. The bags are tied with a paw print ribbon and have a tag with Halloween wishes from Sabrina Renee.

My Spoiled Golden Retriever Shops for Dog Treats

Sharon Hill | October 24th, 2010

On Sundays I like to take Sabrina Renee out for a ride. We usually end up at a dog store, since it is a place that welcomes dogs.

One place we visit is Dog Bone Alley in Danville. They have some treat there that are organic and are grain-free, which are the kind I like to give to her.

In the photo above she is getting a special treat at the store.

My Spoiled Golden Retriever – Veterinary Hospital Open House

Sharon Hill | October 22nd, 2010

YouTube Preview Image

One of the veterinary offices my golden retriever is Muller Veterinary Hospital in Walnut Creek. They just had an Open House for their new facilities last Sunday. They didn’t allow dogs to attend, just people, so I left Sabrina Renee at home, took my camera and did a tour.

The video above is of a dog using their treadmill in the Canine Rehabilitation Center. There were two dogs that did the demonstration, neither needed rehab, they just liked to walk.

I also got to see their surgical facilities and dog runs and talk to some of the vet techs who work there, Tiarra and Shannon.

The next time they take Sabrina Renee to the back to do an exam, I know exactly where she is and who is taking care of her.

Below is a photo taken last week when I took her to get her anal glands emptied.

My Spoiled Golden Retriever and My New Camera

Sharon Hill | October 10th, 2010

YouTube Preview Image

My camera broke at the end of our trip to Santa Rosa so I just bought a new one. I wanted to practice taking photos and HD videos so I took Sabrina Renee out to the patio. She usually loves running around so I thought I’d get a cute video of her playing. However, she is unusually calm today and just sniffed the plants then lay down for a rest. It is a little warm today, so that might explain her calmness.

The camera I bought is a Canon SD940IS. My last one was also a Canon and I was quite happy with it so I found this one. It was rated highly in Consumer Reports.

My Spoiled Golden Retriever Plays in a Polo Field

Sharon Hill | October 4th, 2010

My golden retriever, Sabrina Renee, and I finished our weekend trip with a run at the polo field in Santa Rosa. The dogs in the neighborhood are luck to have access to the field when the horses aren’t around.

Sabrina Renee and Dexter played Frisbee and catch with a tennis ball. She loves running and had a great time racing Dexter in the open field.

My Spoiled Golden Retriever at the “Blessing of the Animals”

Sharon Hill | October 3rd, 2010

Today Sabrina Renee and I went with friends to the “Blessing of the Animals” at St. Francis Winery in Santa Rosa. It was beautiful weather and the dogs were happy to be out meeting other dogs and getting blessed.

Above, Sabrina Renee happily waits to get in line before her blessing.

Her friend, chocolate lab Dexter, dressed in his Halloween bandanna for the event.

Other types of animals were at the event to be blessed also, like this seven-year-old dromedary.

Sheltie, Casey, is blessed.

Maltese, Poochie, is blessed

Sabrina Renee with her head wet from holy water after her blessing.

My Spoiled Golden Retriever – Sabrina Renee and Lab, Dexter

Sharon Hill | October 2nd, 2010

YouTube Preview Image

My golden retriever, Sabrina Renee, and I took our first road trip together to visit with Dexter and his Mom in Santa Rosa. We took a trip to Bodega Bay so the dogs could swim and play on the beach.