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My Spoiled Golden Retriever Meets a Chocolate Lab

Sharon Hill | July 25th, 2010

Today our former neighbor came into town from with her dog, who we had not met before. He is a chocolate lab named Dexter whom she rfescued from a shelter. He is about two to three years old and is very cute. I was concerned about Sabrina Renee meeting him because sometimes she gets a little rowdy when she first meets a new dog.

Turns out I had no reason to worry. She saw a familiar face and got really excited then Dexter came running out the door and Sabrina Renee took to him right away.

We got to walk with them a few times and play Frisbee.

They invited us to visit their home in the future.

My Spoiled Golden Retriever Window Shops

Sharon Hill | July 18th, 2010

On Sundays, my golden retriever, Sabrina Renee, and I often go for a walk at Broadway Plaza, the shopping area here in Walnut Creek. We do it before the stores open so I can window shop and Sabrina Renee can sniff without worrying about getting in the way of busy shoppers.

Above you see her stopping to look at the fountain in the courtyard. As you can see, I keep her harness on her – if she decides to jump in, I know I can grab her quickly. Fortunately, she has never decided to get in.

One Sunday, a woman who worked at the Brighton store saw us and invited us to return when they opened because they keep dog cookies in the store for visiting canines. We happily returned, of course. Now Sabrina Renee heads to Brighton’s every time we go to the mall. She sits at their door until they come to give her a cookie. She even sits there when they aren’t open. (See photo below.) I have to pull her away. We go back when someone is there to give her a treat.

She discovered that other stores allow dogs in and give them treats also so window shopping has become more like going “trick or treating!”

My Spoiled Golden Retriever – Dog Birthday Party

Sharon Hill | July 12th, 2010

Sabrina Renee’s fourth birthday party finally arrived last Saturday, after months of planning. She had eight friends and their parents and all had a fabulous time.

Above is the banner that I had made at, I put her photo in the circle, like on the plates. People thought she had other dogs pose for the banner but it actually comes like that.

The dogs loved all of the treats, of course. The biggest hits at these parties are the Kool Dogz, the ice that I fill with chunks of sausage. I set three of them out.

Below is keeshound, Kobe Bear, giving Sabrina Renee, a chance to enjoy it.

This is Ruby the pug. She seems to have tilted it so she can enjoy it comfortably.

Glory, a mixed breed, got to one of them first.

Lukey, another mixed breed, enjoyed one too.

German shepherd, Tangi, and black lab, Slimmy look forward to this every year.

This is chocolate lab, Colt, stopping to survey the party

Another thing I do is “dunking for dogs.” I put chunks of hot dogs in pans of water and the dogs are supposed to dunk for them. The first year that I did this, I used a deep bucket and Glory was the only dog to stick her head in the water. Now I just use aluminum roasting pans with a little water and toss chunks into them and onto the grass for those who don’t like to stick their faces in water. They lick up the water later.

I wouldn’t try this unless you are really sure the dogs aren’t going to fight. These dogs are always fine with it.

There is one cake for parents and one for dogs. The cake for parents is always the Berry Chantilly from Whole Foods Market in Walnut Creek, people love it. I make the dog cake myself and bake it in a butterfly pan.

Sabrina Renee always gets a lot of great gifts.

This is Prince, a sheltie, one of our neighbors.

German shepherd, Riley, is Sabrina Renee’s doggie day care buddy.

Sammi is a mixed breed who was recently adopted by Riley’s parents. This was her first time at a party, she had a good time and loved all of the treats.

I have the photographer, Tracy Weir, who took all of these photos, take a picture of each family. Here we are posing for our “family portrait.”

The party lasts a few hours and is pretty tiring. Plus it is hot by the time it ends, around 12 noon. Here Sabrina Renee is relaxing after her big party as the rest of us clean up.

My Spoiled Golden Retriever – Dog Birthday Party Plates

Sharon Hill | July 10th, 2010

I like to have some themed-related paper party items for my golden retriever’s birthday parties. I was looking through the Birthday Express catalog, where I always get my things, and found that I could get Sabrina Renee’s photo printed on plates, thank you notes and banners. Our theme this year is “It’s a Dog’s World” and they had “The Dog” as a theme so it was perfect!

I am really happy with the way the plates came out, it looks like her friends posed for the plate with her.

The plates will be used for people to eat birthday cake – they won’t be for dogs to use.

My Spoiled Golden Retriever – Favor Bags for Doggy Day Care

Sharon Hill | July 5th, 2010

Birthday Favor Bags for Doggie Day Care

I like to have the dogs at doggy day care have a little party to celebrate Sabrina Renee’s birthday. So I bake a cake and I put together party favors for all of the dogs to take home.

One of my friends came and helped me fill the bags while I made tags from double-sided scrapbook paper. I have a large hole-punch that makes a tag, put a little paw-print sticker on the tag and wrote “Sabrina Renee’s 4th Birthday” on it.

Below is the basket that carries all of the goody bags that I take to day care. It was decorated by some friends and given to Sabrina Renee for her birthday last year.

My Spoiled Golden Retriever Enjoys Her First Parade

Sharon Hill | July 4th, 2010

It’s the Fourth of July and Sabrina Renee and I went to the parade in downtown Martinez. It was her first parade. I didn’t know how well she would do but I thought we’d give it a try.

We arrived early. Some of her friends from daycare would be walking in the parade so we stopped by to see them then took our place on a sidewalk. I sat and she laid down on the sidewalk. It became crowded, but she did very well. Everyone around us was very nice and loved her.

The parade started with a police car and sirens. I was concerned about the noise, but she was okay. Then the mayor and others came in old cars. The noise of the cars bothered her and she got up and was a bit upset but I was able to calm her down.

When her friends came by, their moms all called to her and waved, it was a lot of fun.

We only stayed a short time after they came by. I saw a marching band headed towards us and decided it would be too noisy and left. We walked around downtown then came home and worked on some things for her birthday party.